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Music can go a long way towards creating atmosphere or livening up a party. Hiring live musicians may take a little more work than simply bringing in a DJ, but it can make for a more memorable occasion. Decide what type of music suits your party and then research the local talent pool to find just the right musicians.

Founded in 2011, Musicians for Rent is the premiere online source for all your events music needs; Whether it's a wedding, anniversary, birthday, dinner party, open house or holiday, we are your one and only resource for great, professional, versatile musicians for your event at unbeatable prices. Our musicians know music inside and out.

Whether it's a string quartet or a rocking blues band, live music can make or break an event. Choosing your musicians carefully is crucial to a successful soire'e--you don't want your event to be memorable for the wrong reasons.

Tips for Hiring a MUSICIAN or ARTIST for Your Event

Hiring the right musician or artist for your event can be challenging, but makes it fun and easy! Here are five helpful tips for hiring the perfect musician or artist for your special event:

1. Listen to audio and watch video of as many musicians as you can. Our members have multiple audio and video samples available.

2. Thoroughly read client feedback. Many Musicians4Rent clients who have hired a musician have left useful feedback about their experiences.

3. Book early. A great musician might need to be booked 12 to 18 months in advance.

4. Get a contract and read it carefully. Most musicians will also require a deposit in order to secure them.

5. Follow up with your musicians as often as you need to. Don't be shy about making sure your band knows exactly what type of music you want!


Top 10 reasons to book through

Enormous talent pool

Right now, Musicians4rent boasts thousands of talented musicians.

End-to-end checklist

We'll provide a detailed checklist for you and your performer — to make sure EVERY detail is discussed in advance. Your big day will go more smoothly if there are NO surprises.

Peace of mind

Your comfort level is a high priority. 

Our clients rate our performers

As part of our talent screening process, we subject all performers to a 5-star rating system — rated by Musicians4rent clients themselves. This accountability ensures that you get the very best talent, every time. After your event, you can rate your performer based on quality of talent; timely and thorough communications; accommodating to special requests; and professionalism on and off the stage.

Entertainer audits

Musicians4rent performers are a direct reflection of Musicians4rent the company. If we learn that any performer has behaved in a less-than-professional manner, we reserve the right to suspend them from Musicians4rent. It's your event…and it's our reputation.

Dispute resolution

In the rare instance of a dispute between client and performer, we help both parties resolve the issue. We'll facilitate communications, try to clarify misunderstandings, and help you gather all pertinent information. Musicians4rent does not, however, get involved in legal disputes between performers and clients.

Our commitment to you

Musicians4rent vows to assist and guide you through the entire process of searching, comparing, contacting, booking and rating performers. We want everything about your experience with us to be enjoyable and hassle-free.

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