Who can sign up to the directory?

Anyone who is involved in the entertainment industry can add a listing to the directory.

How do I list myself in your directory?       

To get listed in the directory, you must register. It is absolutely FREE. Once registered, you will also receive FREE 100 business cards upon request to It is customized with your band name, contact information and Musicians for Rent logo on it for a more professional look. 

Who visits this site?

Visitors to the site include event organizers, agencies, private clients, wedding planners, musicians, corporate event planners and of course a few "casual" browsers! The visitor numbers continue to grow steadily. We continue to receive very positive feedback from our directory members, constantly improving and updating based on feedback received.

How do people find is currently attracting more visitors than ever. We are committed to advertising through a wide range of media including: online advertising affiliates, sponsored links on major search engines, industry magazines & publications, trade fairs, local & national press, as well as our most effective method - word of mouth!

Why Book with helps you hire music professional to liven up your party. Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or private party, you'll easily find thousands of professional performers within United States.

We are committed to helping our clients find the best Musicians and find work for our Musicians across the US. We have the combination of music and customer service experience to help make your special event the way you want it. We have a full-time customer service team available by phone to provide you the most personal service possible and will continue to work tirelessly so each of you receives the attention you need.

Why would I want to enhance my listing?

Information is everything. The more details a potential booker has, the more likely they are to book. It’s that simple. The site is well designed, well optimized with good content to help achieve the ongoing aim of reaching the maximum Internet audience possible. In addition to reaping the benefits of highly effective advertising, you are, with a paid listing, advertising your services in the most visible and effective way possible, whilst facilitating the continued growth and development of the site.

How do I book and when do I pay?

You may contact the musician directly for booking and payment related questions – Usually, they may charge  a 20% deposit or the entire cost via a credit card  or bank transfer to secure your booking.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, you can cancel your booking at any time. However, musicians may charge part of the deposit as a cancellation fee. This reflects not only the time and effort involved organizing the booking, but also the decreasing probability of the act finding alternative work at such short notice. The band has the choice to waive some or all of these fees if further work can be found to replace the original booking.

How far in advance do I need to book?

Our most popular bands get booked up years in advance so it is always a good idea to book as far in advance as possible. We can only take online bookings more than 3 days before your event; however, it is sometimes possible to make a telephone booking right up to the last minute!!

Do I need to tell the venue that I have booked a band?

Yes. Your venue needs a license for live music so it always a good to let your venue know if you have hired a band. They will probably give you information about loading procedures, parking etc. which you can pass on to us to help the band to be as efficient as possible on the day.

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